Free Online Classes - Sep 6 2012

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Happy September!
My fall college classes start up again on Monday, and I'm really looking forward to them. I love learning new skills and expanding my horizons. How about you? Are you going back to class? If not, consider enrolling in an online class! There are many free classes out there on the web that teach you a wealth of skills to improve your life.

For example, BellaOnline provides free courses on time management, building self esteem, releasing guilt, learning to say no, and much more.

BellaOnline Free Courses

Exercise Your Mind
Scientists used to feel that the brain was set at birth and then never changed after that. Now they know that the brain can rewire itself after injuries and even grow new brain cells. It all depends on how you use it. The more you expose your brain to new situations, new people, and new experiences, the stronger your brain grows. It becomes faster and more efficient.

Think about your weekly life. Are you always with the same people, in the same situations? It might be time to branch out a little! Join an internet forum where different points of view are given. Join a book club, either on line or in person. That "brain training" will help your brain improve in all areas of life, not just in that one new task.

Dating Advice
Do you enjoy dating, and giving dating advice? BellaOnline is seeking someone to write about dating! We provide free training, support, and instant high traffic. You bring your enthusiasm for the topic and a desire to join our supportive community!

BellaOnline Open Topic Listing

I talked about breathing last week, and how it can be quite helpful to lower stress levels. Have you guys all been deep breathing each day? If not, I highly recommend you give it a try! It only takes a minute or two, and your body craves that oxygen.

Forward this message to a friend, because we all could use a bit less stress in our world!

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