Simple Ways to Make the World Better - Jan 14 2010

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Happy 2010!
We are in a wonderful new year, a fresh start, the ability to start over and be whoever you want to be. The key is to plan out your goals, break them into achievable steps, and then work on those steps one little piece at a time. Don't try to do it all at once. Just work on one tiny thing, make that little bit of progress. Celebrate your victories!

Simple Ways to Make the World Better for Everyone
I've updated my free ebook! It is now sixty pages long, full of all sorts of ways to reduce stress, get more sleep, have healthier relationships and help the world around you. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions!

Simple Ways to Make the World Better Ebook

Live Forum Help
We have an entire area of our forums dedicated to helping you personally. Sure, we have hundreds of thousands of pages on the main RomanceClass site to help you learn and grow. But sometimes what you really need is someone to listen to your problems and say they understand. Our forums will give you personal advice that gets you on the right path!

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Stress Relief
We all live busy lives. We have relatives who don't understand us, people around us who interfere with our world. The stress takes a very real toll on our health. It is critically important that you learn some techniques to relax, find calm, and regain your center. It is your own health which is damaged by stress! Make the time to take care of yourself.

Stress Release Ideas

Count to Ten
I know it sounds really silly - but it does work. If you find yourself getting upset, step back, close your eyes if you have to, and count to ten. Give yourself time to relax. The things you say can easily be remembered *forever*. I know men in their 40s who still remember an attack their parents made when they were six, that affected them forever. You can't "undo" words that come out of your mouth. Give it serious thought. It might seem casual to you, but it could be eternal for someone else. Make sure what you say is what you really mean to say.

Forward this message to a friend, because we all could use a bit less stress in our world!

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