Charity Gifts - Dec 8 2011

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Help Others!
Did you know that almost a billion people go to bed hungry / undernourished every night? We had been making progress in our efforts against hunger, but these recent recessions have caused a huge upswing. There are very likely people in your region who are lacking food. Make an effort to support your local food banks and soup kitchens. It would not take much for most of us to end up in that situation - a job loss, a health emergency.

Similarly, many families are torn by violence. In the US alone a woman is hit every 9 seconds. Child abuse statistics are equally scary - and harder to pin down because children's bruises are often overlooked. Find ways to help those around you who are struggling to escape or heal these harsh conditions.

If we each look to help our fellow neighbors this holiday season, think of what a wonderful place we could create.

Charity Gifts
I've started up a new category on the site to help us organize ideas for gifts that support charity. For example, I adore Heifer! Please let us know what other organizations we should add to this list, and consider including charity gifts in your holiday plans.

Charity Gift Ideas

Romance Reading
Thank you everyone for your warm words of support for my medieval novels! All sales support battered women's shelters. The novels explore worlds of compassionate women and the men who loyally stand by their side. I currently have two out, and the third goes live next Thursday! Here are the ones currently live:
Seeking the Truth - Kindle Version
Seeking the Truth - Paperback Version
Knowing Yourself - Kindle Version
Knowing Yourself - Paperback Version

I would love feedback on the characters and plots!

Forward this message to a friend, because our world could use every drop of compassion we can find!

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