Romantic Jigsaw Puzzles - Aug 30 2012

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Happy Almost-Autumn!
It's back-to-school season, which means autumn is right around the corner! Make the most of the remaining days of summer, go for a walk, hop in your kayak, and breathe in the air. Nature offers us an ever-changing view, and it's fun to enjoy each one!

If you're giving a loved one or yourself flowers, think about giving one in a pot rather than cut flowers. My darling guy gave me a rose plant on Valentine's Day rather than the usual cut roses. They are still blooming! They bring me joy every time I look at them.

Of course, paper flowers work wonderfully as well, because they last forever and never fade!

Romantic Jigsaw Puzzles
I just created a brand new area to the website - it has romantic jigsaw puzzles! In fact, the rose image is the very rose I was just talking about. So you can see it in full color :). The puzzles are all online, they're free, and they're fun!

Romantic Jigsaw Puzzles

I just finished reading a fascinating book on breathing. Several studies show that stress, menopause symptoms, and many other issues can be greatly reduced simply by taking a few minutes each morning to breathe slowly and deeply. So many of us "stress-breathe" with shallow, quick breaths because we are so wound up by life. By taking out time to breathe deeply from your belly, you bring your body oxygen and help un-tense your muscles. It's well worth a try. It has no bad side effects, and it's free!

Have a great weekend!

Forward this message to a friend, because we all could use a bit less stress in our world!

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