Finding Peace - Jun 28 2012

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Finding Peace is Live!
I'm actually ahead of schedule for once! Finding Peace is now live on the Kindle! This is my 8th medieval romance novel, and is about a heroine escaping from an abusive fiance. I would love to hear your feedback on it! It's only 99 cents and all proceeds support battered women's shelters.

Finding Peace

Long Lasting Relationships
In a world where divorces are triumphed as important news, the long lasting relationships often go on quietly, without any celebration. We should celebrate those couples that hang in there and show the power of patience. For example, David Bowie and Iman just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary! And they married in an era where interracial relationships were not exactly encouraged, too.

I've talked with many couples who are in their second or third decade of the relationship, and asked them what helped make it last. In nearly every case they talked about being patient. Let the little things slide. Be understanding. Talk about issues - don't shout, don't yell. In the end, the intense love that develops between two people who have been through thick and thin together is just amazing. It's well worth it to hang in there.

Think of the people in your life who embody a healthy long term relationship, and give them some praise. We need to celebrate this more.

Forward this message to a friend, because we all could use a bit less stress in our world!

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