Popular Tips - Feb 1 2012

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Happy February!
February is the month of love and romance! Find ways to bring beauty and delight into your daily life. We all deserve to be happy and content. By taking small steps each day you can achieve joy!

If you're currently facing a challenge, we can help. Whether it's dealing with a stressful partner, handling an ex, or just finding a moment of peace, we are here. Let us know what your hurdle is, and we'll lend a hand!

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Popular Tips
Curious what tips are popular with our visitors in the month of February? Here are a few of the tips that top the lists!

Best Kiss in the World - Sand Texture
Have you ever tried this? Having some clean sand in your mouth while you kiss? It might surprise you!

A Teasing Kiss
Sometimes the gentlest of touches are what build that powerful connection between people.

Rose Meanings
Did you know that different colors of roses have different meanings? Learn more about what a red rose, white rose, pink rose, and other colors are saying!

Mused Literary Review
The deadline for submissions to the Spring Equinox issue of the Mused Literary Review is coming up this Sunday, February 5th! If you write poetry, take photos, draw pictures, write stories, or craft plays, we would love to see your work. We offer free feedback, too, if you'd like!

Mused Literary Review

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