its not about age instead its about feelings.every human has different experiences as we both have.
love never starts with blindness ....people wants to b blind bcuz it takes everything to find ur dream partner and once we find then we don't wanna look other side .love deserve blindness bcuz if u keep open ur eyes then u r not gonna make it.there is no point to put ur brain and logic in love .
everything has its positive and negative sides so love also have .if u get succeed in love then life is like song which u never wanna end it but if u don't get it then life is a living we have to take risk and risk is a second name of life . and for love its a very cheap price.
i respect girls bcuz they r better then guys in relationships but once a guy get serious in relationship then u can't imagine what a guy a can do .please don't give justification about urself . know u r mature.