You are right...if you both like to fight, that's not good. You can work on that and find common ground. And you are one is perfect. There is no 1 person for us.

I was talking about general similar morals...if you will...or likes and dislikes. Basic life goals should be similar.
Even 2 people who are very alike..1 can ruin the whole thing all on their own due to selfishness and deceit. 1 can be doing everything they can to "make it work" and 1 can just go out and do things they shouldn't and it will not work no matter what.

That's why you need common ground. Do you BOTH want things to work, or does 1 want to work at it while the other is "different" and has different ways and not care...maybe their idea is that if it's meant to be it will work and if not, oh well?
There is no saying it will work no matter what either. That's why 50% of us divorce. I have been there. I have finally found that person who is closer to my goals and me his. Took a lifetime to find him and him me...but there you go.