i know u r very experienced but don't compare or think every girl is like u and u sounds like u representing girl's community.but i m talking about both.i really don't have any problem in changing my religion or anything related to me except my sexuality......lol
i hope u read a story of an elephant and 6 blind men.in this story everyone touches the elephant and describe it in own experience.as we both doing
i m talking about mass population that when in particular relationship the word "I" comes then it will break everything .i m not talking about blind sacrifice and give him everything .but as far as we love each other then there is no question of condition .both r free to do anything within certain limits and this limit is decided by each individual himself in relationship.consider me i love her alot and she is free to do anything and even i told her many times that if u find someone better than me then go with him and i will b happy for u. i always concern about her things and may b this is called sacrifice. but each human is different and everyone has his own preferences in life.a girl looses everything if she find wrong man but a guy also loose things if he find a wrong girl .
i m 21yrs old and i love to learned about about these things and i m not like other guys who read a twilight and think that they become a love guru.
i don't know what kind of personality u both are but i think as far as u both r sacrificing... ur relationship is working and the day on of u stop then it will no longer work.ur previous relationships break bcuz u r sacrificing but he don't and he was a fool who loose most important thing of his life