My ex and I dated for a year and a half. She got very attached early on in the relationship and told me she loved me within a few months of meeting each other. She was married before has has full custody of her 4-year old daughter. She spent a lot of time living with me, but always on a temporary basis (days to a few weeks at a time). I have moved a few times for work in the time that we have been together, and after my last move it got to a point where we were so far apart that we needed to live together. She has never lived on her own, so I was somewhat nervous about moving her and her daughter in.
I was also reluctant to tell her that I loved her even though I knew I did. I felt that when I did tell her, I would be ready to commit to taking care of her and her daughter for life. I tried to explain to her what those three words meant to me.
Her goal was to go to a trade school, and found one near me. Her first choice was to live with me, but a second option became available a few months ago. She had the chance to move in with her friend and her friend's husband, which is multiple states away. She and her friend were going to do the school program together. She went there, found a job, and has no plans of getting to the school. Shortly after being there, her friend convinced her to break up with me. I did tell her that I loved her after she moved, but she tells me it was too late.
After she broke up with me, she calls and texts every couple days. She tells me she is still in love with me, but has started talking to other people. She says she wants to be friends. I keep telling her I need some space and time, and that breaking up was her idea. She keeps coming up with reasons to call or text though. I have told her I want her to move in if things don't go well in her new situation (which they aren't).
I have a great job and can provide for them probably better than most. I am 26 and she is 24. I am very much in love with her, but don't think I can handle being just friends. I feel like if I give it time, she will come back to me, but then I will be a second choice. Any thoughts?