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There are so many types of relationships in our world. Friends. Crushes. Family members. Co-workers. The more we learn, the more we are able to maintain happy, healthy relationships which bring us contentment. In addition to this forum here, be sure to visit our main website for over 80,000 tips and advice.
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Non-Romance Relationships: Friends Relatives Etc.
As we grow up, our first relationships are generally with our family members. It can be a challenge understanding our parents. Siblings can be in competition with us for parental love and attention. As we build friendships outside of the family, those can be tricky as well. Some people might not treat us well. Here are tips and advice for managing the relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others we encounter in this path of life.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:27 AM, by Lisa Shea
69 514
05/28/18 02:27 AM
by Lisa Shea
Does He/She Like Me?
One of the most confusing things to do is to figure out how another person feels about you, especially if you don't yet know them very well. You can't determine if the way they keep looking away means they're uninterested or shy. You can't determine if their playful teasing is because they just having fun with you or if they're interested in getting closer to you. These tips and advice will help you sort through the fact and fiction. Learn more about that magical stage of a relationship - the getting to know each other.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:18 AM, by Lisa Shea
296 2,249
05/28/18 02:18 AM
by Lisa Shea
Dating (2 viewing)
Whether you call it dating, going out, hanging out, or anything else, dating is about building and strengthening a special relationship between two people. It could be the very first date between two people who are shy. It could be the couple's night out with a married pair who have been together for twenty years. Whatever stage you're in, these tips will help you enjoy a date together that is fun and enjoyable.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:16 AM, by Lisa Shea
227 2,064
05/28/18 02:16 AM
by Lisa Shea
Long Term Partners
After the flush of the initial dating process, and after the challenges of settling-in happen, comes the enduring beauty of a long term relationship. This is when you and your partner know each other well. You understand each other's likes and dislikes. Your strengths and weaknesses. You accept the other person for all they offer and you have made a commitment to see this through. Whether you are married or unmarried, living together or apart, this forum provides advice and tips on making the relationship work for better or for worse.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:15 AM, by Lisa Shea
74 717
05/28/18 02:15 AM
by Lisa Shea
Breaking Up (1 viewing)
Not all relationships are meant to be. Ask just about any person in a long term committed couple - that person they're with was not the first one. We test out a variety of relationships before we meet up with just the right person. Sure, there's the saying about kissing lots of frogs before you find your prince. The earlier relationships were ways to learn and grow, so you're ready for The One. Still, breaking up can be quite challenging. You made a commitment to another person and now it's not working out. Especially if the other person made the decision to break up without warning you first, it can be quite a shock. Here are tips on how to get through the breakup period. And, in the few cases where it's worth it to give it another go, there's also advice on how to reconnect with your ex.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:14 AM, by Lisa Shea
241 2,014
05/28/18 02:14 AM
by Lisa Shea
Health and Exercise
We only get one body in life. It is given to us as a tiny, helpless starting point and it's up to us to nurture it so it grows strong and steady. After all, this one body is all we are given to last us throughout all our years. Imagine if you just had one car that you were going to drive for the rest of your life. You'd take good care of it. Your body is the same way. The way in which you care for your body impacts your mood, your sleep, your energy levels, and much, much more. Think mindfully about the things you do to care for or harm your body each day. This forum provides you the advice and tips to do your best.
Last Post 05/28/18 08:03 PM, by Lisa Shea
33 352
05/28/18 08:03 PM
by Lisa Shea
Organizing and Cleaning (1 viewing)
Study after study finds that having a certain amount of organization in one's life helps that life run more smoothly. You don't have to be able to eat off of every counter and have a dust-free life. It's more about being able to easily find the things you need to find. About being able to easily walk through your home safely in the dark, if there were an emergency. These tips will help you get organized and clean. The less time you waste hunting for things or dealing with clutter, the more time you'll have to do the things you adore.
Last Post 05/28/18 03:00 AM, by Lisa Shea
71 874
05/28/18 03:00 AM
by Lisa Shea
Stress Reduction (4 viewing)
Stress is a real, physical assault on your body. When you experience stress, a flood of stress hormones course through you, damaging cells and impacting your ability to do everything from sleep to think clearly. It's important to look at stress as a tangible concern which needs to be handled. These tips and techniques will help you reduce the stress levels in your life. This will then make every other aspect of your life become better.
Last Post 05/28/18 02:30 AM, by Lisa Shea
168 1,603
05/28/18 02:30 AM
by Lisa Shea
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