Thanks Lisa for the kind words.
She texted me the other night "I'm sorry." After a few days I asked her "for what?" She said "for hurting you." I told her I would be alright and that she shouldn't worry about me, I told her my life seemed to be going well again. My thoughts are a lot more rational than they were at first, but it doesn't take any of the sting off. I still love this girl. She tried texting me again about something trivial, but I did not respond. She seems pretty serious about wanting to be friends. I am not the jealous type, but I cannot stand by while she starts dating other guys. My thoughts are that I give her one last call, explain my feelings, and then let her know that we cannot be friends. I don't want to push her into doing anything, but it is not fair for her to keep me as a friend while she seemingly moves on. The only way I feel that I can move on is to cut her out completely (facebook drop, take her number out of my phone, etc.). Do I need to just give it more time (it's been about 3 weeks now) or do I need to do what is necessary to get my life back together?