I quit smoking 3 years ago and I quit for long periods of time, 8 months or more..but I just cannot stay quit! I just quit again on September 1st and each time it gets harder to quit.

I am just plain tired of quitting. Believe me it gets harder every time I start up again. Only smokers understand the draw to cigarettes. Forgive the pun please.

It is incredible the obsession the mind has with those damn things and I want it gone! Please do not tell me how to quit smoking, I know how to do that, just do not light up no matter what. It is the only way to quit, stop smoking. I do take Wellbutrin for the anxiety for a while and it does help.

I need tools to smash the old thinking later down the line that says I can just have one....You can NEVER have just one ever again. I want to be a forever non smoker. The mind is a terrible thing when it wants what it wants. Once again the journey begins..... Maybe getting honest on this forum will help me to break the ties for good this time.

Anyone going through this?