My Dr found a very good way to quit and it works even on the die hard smokers I know. Wellbutrin 300mg XL, once each morning, using also the 21 mg patch for 4 weeks, then the 14 mg patch for 4 weeks then the 7 mg patch for 4 weeks all while using the Wellbutrin 300 XL. After your done with the patch you stay on the wellbutrin for another month or two. Works real well, even my hubby who smoked 2 packs a day quit pretty easy. He hasn't smoked for over 2 years, but he eats lifesavers like he owns stock in the company. Chantix is a terrible drug ...I won't get into it but I will never try that again.

The theory the Dr. has is that not only physical withdraw is hard but the anxiety associated with quitting is why people fail. Her method combines a remedy for both and it is really quite easy compared to all others I have tried. problem is quitting for good. I go months after the wellbutrin/patch therapy is long over and I am smoke free for up to a year later and then I miss it so much I give in and bam! I am a smoker again. I cannot get over this hump. Well, atleast for the 3 or 4 years I have been smoke free 90% of it.

I am giving this my best effort this time but if I fall off the wagon then I guess I will just accept the fact that I made a huge mistake at 15 years old that I have to pay for the rest of my life, as short as cigarettes will make it.