Jilly -

Just a minor comment because people are finding and reading this thread, and others may want to do meditation involving objects touching their body.

Several of my meditation books do talk about touch being a key sense, and that meditating with touch can be a powerful way to meditate.

One category of suggestions involves your own body. Many suggest resting your hand on your stomach and sensing the natural activity that takes place there. Related to that is the set that has you rest your hand on your heart, for the same reason.

A second set of suggestions involves an inanimate object at rest. So you hold a non-dangerous object and meditate on it. It can be a smooth stone, a multi-facet angled rock, a twisted piece of wood, whatever connects with you at the moment. You explore the dimensions and textures of the object.

A third set of suggestions merges the two and has you interacting that object with your body and examining the sensations that result. So a back scratcher is an ideal form of this.

Lisa Shea, Owner