These past 2 months have been absolutely insane for me. I released my first three medieval novels in December, released the winter issue of the Mused Literary Magazine, and then went on a week long cruise with extended family members where my rather ran amuck. Then I was barely coherent returning from that, plus came down with the flu. I am only surfacing now and have an immense backlog that cannot be believed.

But I knew that clearly I had to start taking care of my health in order to get all my various projects back on track. I know if my shoulders start killing me that I don't work as efficiently. If I am not able to focus well then I work more slowly.

So today even though I have a ton of things on my to-do list, I set aside an hour tonight and went to a free yoga class. It was not as relaxing as I had hoped for, but at least it was a start. I do feel a little better now, and am diving into my backlog!

Lisa Shea, Owner