(she is the same girl from my previous situations- just so you know-that this is a same sex relationship)

i have put that kiss behind me, i want to move on from that. she and i have been really good friends for a long time, we can open up to each other about anything. i realize what your saying and i appreciate your opinion smile since then she keeps askin if i want to get back together i decided to give it another try. she is having problems at home with her family so she is going to stay with me. when i told my family that she was going to stay with me they all just looked at me like "please tell us our kidding" i said that i was serious. they all looked at me and said that they wanted nothing to do with me as long as i was with her. and that i wasn't to come around until she was gone. all of a sudden they all turned on me frown i don't know what to do i love my family and i love her too.