i was dating a girl and we have been going out for almost a year. we broke up about 2 months ago. since we broke up i havent talked to her but just yesterday she texed my younger sister looking for me. my sister gave me the phone and said she was getting tired of telling her she didnt know where i was. i got the phone and she was askin me what ive been up to and i told her nothing just the usual. she was alright after a while. but then she was talking about how happy she was when she was with me and all the good times we had. (while she was txting me she was drinking) i told her that she didn't really didn't want to talk to me and that she was just drinking. she told me no and that she wanted to get back with me and that she missed having me around. i told her that maybe we could be friends and just try to keep it at that so that neither of us would get hurt. she said alright but she still was trying to get to me and wanting me to let her come see me. i told her that i would kick back with her later this weekend.
the reason that we broke up was because she kissed someone else and that got me mad but she said it wasnt suppost to happen. that they were just friends. after that we just kept arguing about it and that was when we ended it. but now here she comes wanting to get back in the picture. some of our friends told me that since we broke up that she hasnt been the same that she been like shes depressed. some of them were getting mad and saying look what you did you broke her. i do feel bad cause i still love her but i dont know if thats enough anymore or if it will be the same.