I am finding it difficult to stay on track. Right now, I'm supposed to be painting the kitchen cabnets, and instead, I am sat here at the computer.

I've taken out stuff out of two cupboards, because I wanted to sort out the junk, and reverse the stuff, to be more organized. And so now my counters are all filled with vitamins, cold medicines, and cook books and recipe cards.

I guess I get to the point where it's no longer fun, and now comes the hard work, thinking of what I should do with this or that, and I get overwhelmed.

I thought if I started with just two cupboards it would be easy. I painted the inside and outside of the cupboards, the paint is dry, and got some of it put away.

Well, got to get back to busy. Any body else have this problem? What do you do to get back into the groove? I stopped and had a cup of coffee, but the break makes me feel like taking a longer break, like maybe it's time to go watch HGTV, lol.