Wow, was someone thinking of me?! This is right where I am at in my life, I tell you! I have been attempting to organize my house. I do a little in this room, and then a little in that room, and so on.

Right now, I am working on repainting my kitchen, and organizing my bedroom. I have to get caught up on laundry, and find places for all the clothes, and decide what clothes to get rid of. It's really a daunting task. I feel like I'm in WAAAAY over my head.

Just having things disorganized really stresses me out. I get so annoyed when I can't locate something I know was just where I left it the day before.

So, then I take a break and do something artsy. Oh, and I'm also making valances for my bedroom. It's a part of trying to reduce stress, by making my bedroom a sanctuary.

I just had so many people move in with us over the past 4 years. My daughters and their pets and families, my mother, my in-laws. So for most of the time we've lived in our house, I've had to stash things in my bedroom, and in the kitchen cupboards, and all sorts of places.