Do all women try to keep their significant others up to date in fashion - newer, fashionable color, better texture? And throw out socks and underwear you don't want the SO seen in if he/she gets taken to the hospital?

Does your SO get upset when tee shirts come up missing? Does he say, "Well, I can use that as my mowing (or painting, or fishing, or hunting...) shirt!"?

Marge and I compromise. She buys me new stuff, which I wear when the occasion calls for it, and I throw out socks that have holes and underwear that should not see the light of day. But I have a stack of tee shirts and jeans which are for bumming around, and for working, or whatever, that are for me to decide whether to keep for a few more years, or not.

And favorite loafers, deck shoes, and the like - be careful, SOs.

So what are your rules and your stories?

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