Dating a Friend

Increasing your Physical Contact
Every great relationship is based on a great friendship. It's no wonder that many relationships start out between two people who are good friends.

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The Basics of Getting Close
One of the KEY changes when you go from "just friends" to boyfriend-girlfriend ...
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1. Hugs hello and goodbye
The very first step in any friendship is the standard hug hello and goodbye. ...
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2. The Hand Touch
When you're comfortable with the hugs hello and goodbye, move to the hand ...
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Dr. Coolthwhip wanths to sthare histh thecret
'Freind' is the base of any realationship. Any lower, and it might possibly ...
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Give her space
Let her go out with her friends and don't call during to ask what she's up to. ...
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Hand Round Waist (for boys)
When you and your girlfriend are out go with some friends so she dosent feel ...
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Hands around the waist
if you avar feel like holding your girlfriend, go for the arm around the waist. ...
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love someone
to be boyfriend might be great, do what you have to do, remember she is your ...
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school loner
If you have a friend who gets all the attention do not dislike her at all, in ...
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The Cuddle
Slowly now, after the hand and hugging steps, just cuddle one night but make it ...
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The From Behind Cuddle Attack!
Next time that you and your girl/guy are out, go somewhere quiet and ...
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The Gay Kiss
When arriving or leaving just leave with a friendly kiss on the cheek in a ...
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The perfect amount of love.
Havinf someone on your case is horrible. it takes alot of strength when a woman ...
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The School Touch(For guyz)
Ok iknow school iz a problem... But this iz all u haft to do is, wen u guyz ...
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i was really close with a girl but were JUST FRIENDS and now that has all ...
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