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Kiss Types - Passionate :
(for guys) get a little rough with her! She'll love you for it ,)

When you,re not kissing her, treat her like a princess. But when it,s time to make-out, be a little aggressive. Trust me, girls want to be loved and doted on and treated well, but they also secretly love to be dominated.

When you,re sitting on a couch or a bed and snuggling, wait for anodize in the conversation (or just grab her and kiss her mid sentence if you want to) and then with one hand gently grab the side of her face or head and pull her towards you while grabbing her waist with the other hand. Girls love it when you grab their hips. Pull her towards you, and kiss her very slowly and softly at first. This makes her want you even more. Slowly escalate from soft gentle kisses to hard, more passionate kisses. Change positions so that she is on her back and you are on top of her (prop yourself up slightly so you don,t squish her, but remember that she Gould feel your body along the whole length of hers. She won,t break if you put a little pressure on her.) and keep kissing her. As you get more passionate, try grabbing her head and pulling her closer to you, or placing you hand on her hip and pulling her body tighter against yours. It depends on the girl, but she should respond by putting her arms around your neck or by running her fingers through her hair.

When she does this, move and put your arm around her so that you,re holding her and then sit up, pulling her with you. Sit her on your lap so that she is straddling you, and let her be in control for a minute or two. Don,t lose your focus though, you,re giving her a small break, not surrendering control of the entire make out session. After a little while, suddenly grab her and switch positions again so that you,re on top and in control. Grabs her wrists and either hold them above her head or pin them by her sides. DO NOT let her have her hands back unless she seems legitimately upset. Otherwise, keep them pinned. Girls love this because it gives them a sense of helplessness that is a HUGE turn on. While you have her hands, kiss her nonstop, not deep or sensual, just quick and hard. Don,t let her have a break, keep kissing her until she,s breathless. Then stop. Slowly, kiss your way down her neck and to her collar bone. Pause there to see her reaction, and then continue down to the top of her chest if she doesn,t mind. If she doesn,t seem ready, then slowly kiss you way back up to her neck (now would be a good time to give her a hickey if you,re into that) and up to the corner of her lips. Do all of this extremely slowly, the wait just makes her want you more and it is such a turn on, especially since she,s helpless (you have her hands remember?). Wait a while before kissing her, dont let her turn her head to kiss you, and then kiss her hard and passionate. Press your body onto her and don,t stop kissing her.

This can continue for as long as you like ')

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