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Meeting Someone From Out of Town

I met this guy from my own city and right away we got along perfectly. Although I had just assumed he lived there as well, him and his friends were only there for the concert. It had hurt because I was really falling for this guy, so we kept in touch, talking on the computer. Eventually we started dating, I would see him 1-5 times a month. Sometimes we wouldn't see eachother for longer than a month. It was hard because he was in a band so not only was he busy a lot but it was hard finding time to just sit down and talk on the computer or the phone.

The most important factor in being in a long distance relationship is TRUST. You won't ever have proof that they are being 100% truthful, in fact you don't have 100% proof when they live in your own city. A big factor of trusting someone however is having self confidence in yourself, respecting your partner but also having a sense of security. Always keep an open mind since you never know what could happen.

I don't believe he ever cheated on me, but it was very hard remaining in a long distance relationship. You have to have patience when you can't see eachother, its not the end of the world. Also, it will be sooo much better when you finally do see eachother. I'll admit I did get jealous from time to time, and that hurt our relationship.

After the break up, we never lost touch, and I believe we do make a very good couple still. I now realize what I could do to make the relationship better from the last if we do pursue it again.

Just remember in order to have a successful relationship long distance, you must respect one another, be there for eachother whenever you can, be open with your feelings and be patient. If you really do love this person it can work, if its just a romantic fantasy then it most likely won't last.

There are ways you can work around living far away from eachother believe me. Yes, their are many who try it and it doesn't work for them but I guess they just weren't meant to be, simple as that. There are many disadvantages to living far apart from eachother but many advantages also.

Think about what YOU WANT in a relationship first.

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