I'm fortunate that I work for myself now, so I don't have a "boss" to please. But for many years I did work for bosses and know it can be a challenge.

You absolutely can up-manage your boss. There are many books on the topic.

A key is to figure out what your boss's triggers are. What do they care about. And then find ways to meet those issues in a way that also handles your needs.

Maybe they like daily updates because they are insecure. They've been burned in the past by not knowing something. So make yourself a template, fill it in, and go on with your job. It's not worth being upset about it. Just consider it one of the ways the wheels turn.

Of course if your boss is abusive, it's important to speak up and to take appropriate action. Nobody should be subject to harassment.

What are some of your boss issues?

Lisa Shea, Owner