okay so this may sound crazy to alot of you who read this. And i'm new by the way so HI. lol. Okay so here it goes. Me and the boyfriend have been together for a year (june 9th). We just had our first baby together april 2nd. I had already had a child before me and him. Anyway, I want to get married. i think it's a big deal ya know. he says he doesn't plan to leave me and i don't plan to leave him. But he says he's not ready for that. So how do i make him ready? how can i be wife materal? okay i don't really cook, because i can't. I can cook stuff in boxes thats about it. i take care of the kids, go to work at night, so also we hardly see each other now. When he gets home, i go to work. We don't do anything really but sit at home and play on our computers.Our sex life is okay, but he wants to spice things up by involving other couples.I'm not okay with that just yet.I seriously thought it was me at first, but then i can see it as spicing things up. He said he was okay with it if i didn't want to or if i did. I am a jealous person and codependent and insecure.I am always Comparing myself to other females and i get jealous because what if he finds someone better than me?So how can i get him ready for marriage? Or how can i get him to the point of wanting to marry me? He knows all of this. He knows how i feel. Just says he's not ready. So anyone please tell me this stuff if you would.Thanks so much for listening.