My fiance and I are moving to the city, becuase the otwn we live in had a huge plant shut down. Over 1000 jobs gone, and that just from the plant! Both of us are currently unemployed, i just found out Im pregnant and our apt is awful.

So we thought, we would move. But money is an issue.

My mom's building just had a 3 bdrm unit open up, but you need to be employed to get it (obviously). It's not ready until March.

So Gordon went to toronto ahead of me and Zack to live with my mom and get a job.

I miss him already and he just left this evening.

I tried to put Zack to sleep by myself, that didnt work out great. Zackie is deathly afraid of baby lions coming in through his windows to eat him (dont ask me, I have no clue!)
Gordon came up with the idea, he has this lavender linen spray, and he told Zack it is baby lion spray. It keeps them away just like bug off. So every night he sprays it and Zack happily goes to sleep without fuss. Tonight I did it, and "mommy, nooo! you don do right!! I want Dadddeeeeeeeee! he do it!!!"

Anyhow...I rly miss Gordon.

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