I didn't get married to sit at home by my self. I'm not a fan of my wife heading to the bar with her girlfriends. After all, she never did that sort of thing in the 3 years before we got married. Now when she goes to the bar I am stuck at home with our son. I don't mind being at home with him but she doesn't show much respect or appreciation that I am willing to stay at home for hours while she goes out to have fun. I would rather spend time with her. But I miss out on two nice nights in a row with her because she is asleep by 8pm on the next night.

This main problem is that she doesn't answer her phone when she is out. She can't hear her phone at the bar? Last time she when out I asked her to put her phone in her pocket and answer it when I call. So after a few hours I called and she doesn't answer. At least she calls me back 10 minutes later. Then I call her an hour or so later and ask her when she thinks she'll be back. She tells me a time and that time comes and goes and then some. I call her again. She doesn't answer. She doesn't call back. Another half hour passes by and it drives me nuts. I don't know if she is okay or what the problem is. I know I am being nuts but she said she would keep her phone handy and she isn't. It makes me feel that she doesn't care at all. And she knows it drives me nuts.

So the question is: Is it unreasonable for me to expect her to keep in touch as I sit at home alone with our son until past 1pm?