everyone is allowed "free choice" but then there is this thing called "free will" very different...an its not even what OTHERS think...to heck with them...OTHERS have and always love to gossip will when your dead too...

as long as individuals we make the "choice" to have the "will" to do things ethically and morally to heck with what OTHERS think.

im sure glad that to you ...it doesnt make sense...but again ...to heck with what i think...i dont have to live with you giggle...and im not the one to suffer any decisions you make and the consequences of those choices either...

its about US as individuals...knowing instinctively as well ..."right from wrong"

nice you listen to your deep female instincts and know the difference of free choice...free will...and right from wrong..

VERYYYY respectable and i might add ...nice that you HONOR yourself and your MARRIAGE

PS i better add one of these grin now as some very wise person told me to do that so folks would understand im not really shouting... blush

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