wow. i like the idea of this section of the forum, I just now noticed it. (although, maybe i'm misinterpreting it because I can't figure out why it's in the relationships forum).

anyway, i have stress, stress, stress. and I usually can't handle it.

it's usually caused by school but can be obviously triggered by anything. my stress levels amount to sickness frequently, actuallly.. I get the flu becuase of stress all the time. this is semi- related, but I also have frequent emotional breakdowns due to excessive stress......

now, I hate yoga because i was forced into it by my newspaper adviser in high school... that was not a pleasant experience. and It sounds bad, but i despise sleep. it makes me feel like there's so many other things I could be doing. ocasionally I'll actually get a good nights rest, but i try to get my day started early and i wake up dead tired. obviously this is a cause of stress too. i try to lay down and listen to music, but that involves me actually taking a break from moving and it's difficult. see, I also have ADD and cannot sit still.... i was just hoping someone could offer some suggestions, maybe. I've exhausted my efforts.
one thing I have found to work is comedy. I actually did a project on it once as a stress reliever. the Blue Colar Comedy Tour CD used to be my "mad at the world" CD, where i would listen to it and feel a little better at least. but it doesnt work so much when the jokes get old.....

and going back to my discovery of this topic, I am very unorganized.... i need to work on that as well, haha.