stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!)

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stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/10/08 04:16 AM

wow. i like the idea of this section of the forum, I just now noticed it. (although, maybe i'm misinterpreting it because I can't figure out why it's in the relationships forum).

anyway, i have stress, stress, stress. and I usually can't handle it.

it's usually caused by school but can be obviously triggered by anything. my stress levels amount to sickness frequently, actuallly.. I get the flu becuase of stress all the time. this is semi- related, but I also have frequent emotional breakdowns due to excessive stress......

now, I hate yoga because i was forced into it by my newspaper adviser in high school... that was not a pleasant experience. and It sounds bad, but i despise sleep. it makes me feel like there's so many other things I could be doing. ocasionally I'll actually get a good nights rest, but i try to get my day started early and i wake up dead tired. obviously this is a cause of stress too. i try to lay down and listen to music, but that involves me actually taking a break from moving and it's difficult. see, I also have ADD and cannot sit still.... i was just hoping someone could offer some suggestions, maybe. I've exhausted my efforts.
one thing I have found to work is comedy. I actually did a project on it once as a stress reliever. the Blue Colar Comedy Tour CD used to be my "mad at the world" CD, where i would listen to it and feel a little better at least. but it doesnt work so much when the jokes get old.....

and going back to my discovery of this topic, I am very unorganized.... i need to work on that as well, haha.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/10/08 01:25 PM

Try looking for some Valerian Root at a health store or you can find it in the grocery store in pill form. It's an herb that is said to cut the time it takes to fall asleep in half. There was a man in China who has been dead for almost 100 years.. but he lived to the age of 256. This isn't a lie.. He said..

Keep a quiet heart,
sit like a tortoise,
walk sprightly like a pigeon
and sleep like a dog.

So have some self control! Sleep like a dog! smile
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/10/08 03:15 PM

The physical act of getting yourself organized can really reduce stress as well. I tend to get stressed when things are cluttered, I cannot find anything, and a general mess in the house results in me feeling like my brain is messy as well.

Having said that--if you cannot find Valerian Root, try St. John's Wort-its another herbal remedy. I stopped having anxiety attacks after I started taking it.

If you can find the time--exercise is great, even just taking a brisk walk, can make a big difference.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/10/08 04:08 PM

Yes, valerian, walking in the fresh air, & a good night's sleep.

I've had quite a lot of problems with stress, but I'm much calmer now ~ I actually saw a counsellor about it.

My boys had problems with stress too ~ I think that they would agree about comedy being a great help.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/10/08 04:18 PM

This also made me think of another herb.. it's called kanna (sc. name is sceletium tortuosum). It's a naturally occuring SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) from south africa. but if you are already taking an anti depressant you can't take it. I've only seen it on the internet. I had an actual plant of it for awhile but it didn't take unfortunately.

I think the best way to deal with stress is actually to.. EAT! lol Eat lots of vegetables and healthy foods.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/14/08 12:43 PM

Well, I'm in school also and there has been a lot of stress for me too. I guess I'll just throw out all the things that have worked for me. Meditation, working out, studying more so that I am just not worried, meeting with the counselor, meeting with teachers when I have questions, getting a tutor. Well, those are the ones that I can think of right off hand. I don't have the sleeping problem like you do. Basically when my head hits the pillow I'm out. I guess maybe something else I could suggest would be to ask your doc about sleeping meds. I know that the idea probably sounds terrible, but maybe if you just took them for a week or so you could show your body and brain that sleep is actually beneficial to reducing stress levels. Maybe then you could get sleep. Also, before you take any herbal supplements make sure you talk a doctor also. If you are on any medications now there could be drug interactions that would make the whole stress-circle worse. I feel for you, though.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/15/08 04:30 AM

it's not really that i CAN'T get to sleep. there are a lot of times where I am dead tired but I feel I shouldn't go to sleep becuase there are better things i could be doing. It's a psychological thing, not physical. I am always rushing and I never seem to get things done, so I feel like I need to keep moving. grrr.
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Re: stresss (the extra 's' is for extra stress!) - 01/17/08 11:17 PM

I used to think like that during high school and stuff. Then I realized that sleep is amazing. you NEED sleep to survive. and its so good for your body to get a good night's sleep. it feels so good! you should want to sleep! and we're all rushing around. just tell yourself to calm down, have a cup of tea or something nice while you're working. smile