Free Gift Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is NOT about big, expensive presents! It's about showing that you care for someone, and celebrating that connection between you two. That connection is very special, personal and unique. If you want to give something to your partner, it should be just as unique and about YOU TWO.

Here are some ideas for presents that don't cost a dime, and show your love and affection.

  • Love Coupons personalized with what your partner loves
  • Free Online Postcards - send one daily!
  • Read your darling some Love Poetry
  • Draw your sweetheart a picture of a Love Bouquet - it'll last forever!
  • Go for a walk in a local park or garden, holding hands
  • Sit under the stars curled up in a blanket, and invent your own
  • Put together your own set of music for the night and dance together to Your Songs
  • Pull out a card game or board game and spend the evening having fun together
  • Curl up with photo albums and remember all the fun times you've had together
  • Make thumb-print drawings for each other, adding cute sayings to them
  • Fog up the mirrors and windows and draw hearts and initials on them
  • Use lipstick or makeup to give each other temporary love tattoos
  • Call your sweetie up and sing a love song over the phone
  • Be Renaissance for a day and talk in courtly language, bow and curtsey, have the guy kiss the girl's hand
  • Learn some loving phrases in a new language and use them on each other

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