Great ideas for < $10 Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day is NOT about big, expensive presents! It's about showing that you care for someone, and celebrating that connection between you two. That connection is very special, personal and unique. If you want to give something to your partner, it should be just as unique and about YOU TWO.

Here are some ideas for presents that are inexpensive and fun!.

  • Check out the Meanings of Flowers and get just TWO of your favorite flower, to symbolize the two of you
  • Get your sweetheart a Romantic Poster to hang on the wall
  • Rent a romantic video at Blockbuster and watch it together with popcorn, curled up under the blankets.
  • Find the perfect frame for that photo of you two together and give the framed photo
  • Choose a small figurine of your darling's favorite animal, for his or her desk
  • Buy one of those disposable cameras and spend the evening taking fun photos together
  • Get admission for 2 into your local museum and enjoy a few hours exploring
  • Get a handful of pennies and have fun together going around and "seeding" lucky pennies around your town (causing others to say, "see a penny, pick it up ...")
  • Buy a new board game or puzzle and spend the day playing with it
  • Get special stationary that will only be used for sending each other letters

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