Celebrating Valentine's Day with Same-Sex Friends

I say same-sex, but what I really mean is celebrating with friends that are ones you wouldn't romantically be interested in, and who wouldn't be romantically interested in you. That way there's no issues of worrying about this being a "prelude" to something more!

Valentine's Day is about being with those who really care about you, and who you really care about. This is DEFINITELY your friends!! While many times your boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, your friends stick by you, watch your back, and help you get through it all. Don't they deserve to be with you on this day that celebrates caring?

Make your reservations early, and head out for a fun dinner together. While other couples are around you trying to impress each other, give a toast to the friendship that you have that survives it all. Share stories about exs and the things that happened. Laugh about the fun old times and pledge to have many new adventures together.

If you guys don't want to go out, have a fun night in! Rent some great videos, make lots of popcorn and mix up some interesting cocktails. Plan a sleepover! There's no end to the fun that you can have when a group of friends get together.

If there's just two of you, that can be just as fun if not even more fun. Treat each other like a sweetheart for the evening, complimenting each other's hair and eyes. Remind each other of what a great person you are, and all of the great skills and talents you have. It can be a great morale-building evening of fun!

Quick Ideas:
* A fun card, celebrating just how great friends are
* A cute gift, maybe a magic-8 ball or a cute figurine
* A laughing evening where you share memories and stories
* An evening that celebrates just how great friends are in life

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