Celebrating Valentine's Day with an Opposite-Sex Friend

Really, this means celebrating with friends who *could* be romantic partners, even if it's a far off possibility. It adds a bit of extra sparkle to the evening!

Part of the great thing about celebrating Valentine's Day with an OS Friend is that there aren't any unreasonable expectations. You're not expecting diamond rings and mink coats and passionate kisses, because you're FRIENDS. You almost get the best of all possible worlds this way - the fun evening out with a person you really care about, and none of the stress. Enjoy it!

It can be much easier to ask someone out as a friend than as a "date", since it's not a serious thing to accept the offer. Keep it casual - say, "I don't want to sit home on V-Day, want to have dinner with me?" That way you're saying this isn't a big, serious date, and it'd be a nice thing for the person to keep you company. So by saying yes not only does this person *also* get to not sit home, but they feel like they're helping you out!

Don't go somewhere mushily romantic. That might make you both feel uncomfortable. Instead, go for something fun. How about a fun Irish pub, where you try different drinks? Maybe one of those dinner-movie theaters where you get to eat pizza and watch a fun film. Spend the evening talking about fun things you've done as friends, and share silly-ex stories.

Quick Ideas:
* A funny card, saying how great your friend is
* A cute gift, like a red teddy-bear or chocolate frogs
* A fun night out watching comedy movies or playing skee-ball
* A playful attitude reminding each other how great friends are

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