Celebrating Valentine's Day with a High School Sweetheart

When you're in high school, Valentine's Day can be a really important day of the year. Despite the many TV commercials that give ideas, you don't have a lot of freedom or money to take off to the Caribbean with your darling, or order bottles of Champagne!

Still, there are tons of fun things for you to do with your sweetheart to help show your love and affection for each other. Remember, money can't buy you love. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is expecting expensive presents and outlays of cash, it's time for them to learn a bit of what REAL love is all about. Real love isn't bought or sold, it's about real emotions and real caring.

So don't go for the huge bouquet of red roses that the florists insist is proper. They just want your money! Find out what her favorite flowers are. Are they daisies? Violets? Get her two of them to show your love for each other. It'll take extra effort, but THAT is what love is, not about pushing some telephone buttons and plunking down a credit card! Make her a hand-made card, and write your own poem in it.

Does he have a favorite hobby? Get him a book, video or item for that hobby. Valentine's Day is NOT about a girl sitting on her butt while a guy showers her with gifts. It is about the boy AND girl sharing their heart and soul with each other, and giving tokens to each other that show just how much they understand and love each other.

If you want to go to dinner together, plan early. The restaurants will be PACKED. Either of you can make the reservation, it doesn't have to be the guy. Girls are often better at planning it out! What's even better is eating your favorite meal at home, together. Light some candles, enjoy the evening away from the noise and crowd and watching eyeballs.

When the food is done, watch a movie! Choose a great romantic movie that you'll both enjoy, and get swept away.

Quick Ideas:
* A card of emotion, with your own poem saying what is special
* A tender gift, one that shows you really pay attention to what you bf/gf cares about
* A relaxed evening together - just enjoying each other's company
* A special evening of just you two, one not compared with any other

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