Belly Dancing Evening - Fun Valentine's Day Ideas

This can be fun no matter what stage of dating you're in!

First swing by Henry and June:

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Take a look at their "Morroccan Mistress" Costume. It includes the top, skirt, veil and thong. Now run by and order:

Belly Dancing I

Which is a great intro to the basic moves. Get the costume and practice for a few hours.

Now you're ready! After you have dinner together (Middle Eastern food, anyone?) head on home. Put on some sultry music of your choosing, light some candles, and pour him a glass of wine. Then dance! Your dancing skills don't have to be super-professional, and your body can be any shape. That's the beauty of belly dancing, the rounder you are, the more appropriate it is!

I'm sure the fact that you went through the time and effort to give this a shot will be quite a treat for your sweetheart!

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