Celebrating Valentine's Day if you're an Adult

Adults have the most freedom and the most money to splurge on Valentine's Day. This can also mean that the expectations are much higher! You may be tempted to compare this year's extravaganza against last year's or against those of your friends and family. Don't! Valentine's Day is a PERSONAL expression of love between two individuals. It's not about buying love or buying affection. It's about reminding each other just how much you care for each other.

Sure, if you can save up some extra money, a perfect way to recharge is to escape for a Valentine's Day weekend. Many, many resorts run specials for this weekend, for cheap rooms. Even if it's just a quiet bed & breakfast a few towns over, that break from your normal routine may really re-energize the two of you. If your world is full of stress and work and kids and chores, the reminder that you are two PEOPLE who care for each other can be critical.

If you can't get away, make your own escape. If you want to go out, be sure to make those reservations early. If you're the woman, don't just wait for the guy to do it. It's both of your responsibility for a fun evening, so grab the phone if he's busy.

If you'd rather, make your special meal at home! That way you can make exactly what you both love, get your favorite bottle of wine and light some candles. Put on your favorite music and make it a surround-sound tribute to your loves in life.

Make your own cards, and get gifts which are really about EACH OTHER. Don't go for the big rings or splashy things. That's not what love is about. If you must buy something, get her that hobby item she's been dreaming about. Get him that item he's been gazing at in catalogues for months. If you enjoy flowers, find a bouquet of her favorites, not just of the standard 'dozen roses' that florists want to make money off of.

Make your own cards, ones with your own poetry or with memories of your favorite times together. Look through the photo album and relive the fun trips you've had, and plan the places you want to go in the future. The thing that is being celebrated on this day isn't "some generic love created by marketing agencies". It is about YOU and YOUR SWEETHEART. Spend the day celebrating just how special you two are, and what an amazing time you've had so far.

If you want to get naughty later on, get yourself some new lingerie, or some chocolate body paint! There are even colored soaps so you can have fun in the bathtub, drawing tattoos and designs on each other. Have some fun!

Quick Ideas:
* A card of memories, going over your best times together
* A meaningful gift, one the recipient has wanted for ages
* A night of shared loves, of your favorite music and food
* A loving reminder of just how strong the connection is between you two

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