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theres this girl that i used to be enemies with, but were complete opposites. im a black wannabe gangsta thats strait and she's white goth wannabe bisexual. but the thing is ive made many attemps to mend our relation ship , but i only botch it up. she thinks she's a bitch, and that saying high thing only works if im friends with her, were not now. the other day she passed out in class and had to go to the hospital, and i realized how much i liked her again (we got in a big verbaly abusive argument before that(she won) so i thought i hated her and thats was the end of it. but then when she passed out i felt like there was a hole in my chest, it took me the rest of the week to realize that i really did like her and care about her.
what do i do to mend this relationship ( i cant visit hr in the hospital) for various reasons). what do I do, id never thought my sworn enemy would be the girl i wanted most in my teenage life! what do i do, i got her myspace page and sent her some friendly messages. valentines day is comming what should i do about that or should i worry about that later? how can I make this disfuntional relation ship that never was work and become a good one?!!!!

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You don't have an easy task in front of you.

The last time you wrote I suggested that if she won't say hi to you in the hallways that you should drop her because she is not a nice person.

You could send her a get well card to the hospital or her home. That would make her feel good toward you. Buy her some dark chocolates for Valentine's Day and maybe she will feel better toward you.

Good luck! George

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