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Hey whats sup I am completly confused and REALLY need help. Mah ex broke up with me about 2months ago he was my FIRST real serious boyfriend/ relationship which killz me even more. Before he even got with me he was unsure and I felt he was unsure when he got with me 2 for so many reasons that i don't wish to go into. It was likei loved him so much and i knew he loved me 2 but he sucked at showing it when he broke up with me he said he wants us 2 be friends and mayb in the future something might happen. I gave him everything he wanted when we were together so afta we broke up and he called i dedcided a different approach basically acting like i don't need him at 1st i think he liked it but then i think i made a comment that was kidda 2 far and since then he has not called me 4 a lil ova a week!!! I mean wat does he epect for us 2 talk about "hey i'm happy we broke up" the 1st 3days he didn't call i called but it went straight 2 voice mail. I dunno if i should call??? i mean if he really cared about me he would call i kno i probably hurt his man ego but he hurt me alot thru the relationship emotionally i jus neva spoke up on it I dunno wat to do Call or Don't??? or should i wait until months past and give him a suprise phone call everyone loves to here from someone they haven't spoke to in awhile i dunno wat to do or were we stand r we friends or not. I NEED HELP!

Our Suggestion:
Call him once a week.

Find out how he is doing, let him know you still care for him, and this will help you maintain contact and give him the space he needs. Be cheerful, don't talk about your relationship, and limit the calls to 15 min.

He'll get the idea that you care but you are not going to chase him around.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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