what move should i make? or should i give it more time?

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hey, i recently started college and a girl from my high-school ended up in one of my classes, i havent really talked to her since the 10th-11th grade but she remembers me and we were flirting the entire 3 hour class, what should i do for the next step? i dont know if shes dating anyone or not, she said next weeks class she'll bring her laptop and we can bug ppl on msn messenger together so i'm thinking i can get her email address from her then... after class we walked to the parking lot together but i didnt know if i shoulda made a move or not anyways... what move should i make? or should i give it more time? i'll get her msn messenger address there should i just talk to her on msn get to know her then make a move or is talking to her face to face a lot better then behind a computer.... im new to dating, i've been on a few dates but nothing long-term... im very shy and dont wanna make a move too soon or too late.

Our Suggestion:
In college, dating is more relaxed.

You might want to ask her to hang out sometime and see what happens.

Definitely get her msn address for future contact.

You two seem to have hit it off so go for it!

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