my boyfriend is a nice guy and treat me like a queen

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Visitor's Question:
my boyfriend is a nice guy and treat me like a queen and will do anything for me, but its the little things he do that makes me mad for example one day we planned to take a shower together when i get off work when i got to his house i was all excited but he had already taken a shower before i got there even though he said he was still going to take another one with me i got mad he thought it wasnt a big deal but i did. do you consider this as getting mad for nothing?then another thing one day im wifey in his phone book then another its just my name that makes me feel as if he went to go see someone else and change my name as if im just a friend sometimes i do as if im losing interest so could it be that im really getting cheated on or could it an excuse for me to get away?

Our Suggestion:
You say your boyfriend is a nice guy and treat you like a queen.

Then you continue by finding two examples that make you mad or worrisome.

It is understandable that you may have preferred to shower with him first, but it is not understandable why you would make a big deal out of a mere preference. There was no bad intentions in what he did. In fact he probably didn't want to get in the shower all smelly.

The name in the phone is anyone's guess. But it is going far afield to guess that it means he is cheating. Why not just ask him in a nice way why you changed it and tell him you liked it and thought it was cute. I'll be he changes it back.

If you are treated like a queen enjoy what you have!!

Good luck.

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