The problem is that I, for some reason, can not talk to him

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Visitor's Question:
I have recently met a wonderful guy, and we've been seeing eachother for a little over two months now. The problem is that I, for some reason, can not talk to him. I just never know what to say, and I'm tired of being awkward and silent this far along. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to think/say the right thing, any such help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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One thing to say is "We've got a communication problem, what'll we do?"

My guess is that you don't normally have this problem. That means that he is the problem. He probably doesn't respond in a conversational manner but just gives short factual answers to your comments.

If this is true, then you have a lot of work cut out for yourself. Trying to get a non-talkative person to talk is very difficult. I can't hold out too much expectations with this endeavor.

If, on the other hand, you are the non-talkative one, prepare yourself with topics to discuss... even if you have to write it down and pull out a list of things to talk about. Sounds weird, but silence is weirder.

Best of luck to you !

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