if she wanted to talk to me more she cant be into her boyfrind that much right?

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I met this girl in a SAT Workshop today. From early in the morning I couldn't stop lookingat her. She was just so beautiful. So A couple hours later, the teacher orders people to be in pairs and we were sitting close to each other so i offered to pair. She accepted. We talked on and of throught the day mostly because I clammed up and was too shy and didn't want to embarass myself. Throughout all of our conversation she mentioned she had a boyfriend. Then my heart sank. Shes sooo nice and really gorgeous and I like her alot. While filing out applications online she saw I nad a screenname and and decided to give me her.. I didnt really say anythign back in fear that it would be something stupid and unattractive. I imed her today we talked for a bit then she left. I like her alot and would like to persue a relationship with her... I mean if she wanted to talk to me more she cant be into her boyfrind that much right? What should I do?

Our Suggestion:
She sounds like a very friendly girl.

It was nice of her to share her screenname with you and to talk to you when you contacted her. You can't really tell from that whether she is very interested in you.

But, you should contact her regularly (once a week) and chat with her. If she and her boyfriend break up she may turn her eye to you.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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