He means the world to me, but does it mean there's love?

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Visitor's Question:
at the moment i'm going out with a great guy, the thing is i'm 14 years old and his 3 years older thatn me!
it all started when i kept on saying hello to him every time i would walk past him, then about 2-3 weeks later, after i've never had a conversation with him he asked for my cell n.o, we then smsed each other during that weekend (for 2 days)then on monday night we started dating.i've already frenched him about 4-5 times, and we are really fond of each other! i already told him that i love him and he told me the same.i do love him but i don't know if it's possible to happen so soon.i wish that i could spend every second with him,it feels like he's part of me, when i'm not with him i'm just not... ME!!some people told me it's not possible to be on love so soon.Is it? (i do know what love is) He means the world to me, but does it mean there's love?

Our Suggestion:
Certainly you two could be in love, it happens all the time.

My main concern is your age difference. There are laws (different in each state or country) that prevent certain sexual acts between teenagers especially at your age. You ought to ask your friends or the school nurse for advice on this subject.

My best wishes are with you!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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