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Visitor's Question:
Me and this guy was once in a relationship. It was a good relationship. But all of a sudden he started to act different because, I am still a virgin and have doubts about having sex. I think he still cares about me. I say this because he is now talking to another girl, but it can't be to serious between the two of them. Last week he came to my house and was all over me. He isn't the type to do that if he is in a "serious" relationship. Then he was recently in car accident, and I went insane. So I went out and brought him things for his pain, but I don't recall his so called girlfriend doing anything for him. I believe he is only with her to hit it. What should I do? How should I handle this problem? I really do still care about him alot. My friends tell me when he comes to his senses that he will come back to me. They keep telling me that boys will be boys. HELP!

Our Suggestion:
Have a heart to heart talk with him and find out how he feels about you. Don't let him off with a short answer... this should be a long conversation so that you have a chance to ask all the questions you want to ask and get honest answers.

Since he has another girlfriend, you should not try to interfere with their relationship. Don't let him get physical with you unless he breaks off with the other girl.

This all won't be easy, but that's my advice.

Good luck!

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