I Cheat Constantly - Now What?

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Visitor's Question:
Ok~ So i have cheated on my girlfriend 4 times. And now I am feeling guilty. And this is the last person that I would ever want to hurt,I have been known to cheat on girls in the past, Its as if I take every chance I am given, But most of all I know how much she means to me and i really really do love her.

i know it sounds really strange for me to say this. But I really can see my self changing alot for this girl! Is there any hope for me to quit doing this and actually be happy with what i have? is it wrong of me to be with my girlfriend still even tho I do the things i do..? I need to stop doing what im doing because I know that I don't what to do this anymore!!

Our Suggestion:
If you are constantly cheating and have done so in the past, then you definitely need help. No girl is going to stay with a cheating boyfriend. You not only are hurting her emotionally by spending your emotions elsewhere, but you are also exposing her to the risk of serious illness or even death from a sexual disease! No condom is ever fool-proof.

Go talk to someone - a priest, doctor, minister, school person, whoever. You need to get help on this quickly if you don't want to destroy yet another relationship. If you're not willing to talk to someone about it, then break up with her. She deserves better than this.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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