i dont know if she is acting hard to get with me

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Ok look i am with this girl and its wierd becuase like i dont kno if she is acting hard to get with me but like i will give you examples of what ok look like everytime i write her a little note like saying i love you and then when she gives me the paper back its like she changes the subject like if i dident say anything cuase some times i thinks she doesant and then whenever i talk to her i ask her and seh tellls me that she loves me but like whenever i talk to her serious about our realionship she acts all like i am playing whatever i say but it doesant really hurt me i think she is just trying to act shy or i really dont kno but i really lover her but right now i dont kno what to do but i feel like i want to break up with her cuase i feel like i am going to get hurt at the end and i then figuered out ok if i dont trust ehr and i think i am going to get hurt and i really love her i think the best thing will to just let her go i dont kno i need advice Please help

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Is this the girl you went out with two times before? It sounds to me like she's holding you at a distance so that she doesn't get hurt either. It'll take some doing to get you both on track again, so have patience. Keep doing what you're doing and she'll settle down after a while and be her normal self again. Unfortunately summer's coming. I hope that you two will be able to stay in touch and see each other over summer. Try to get her SN or email add so that you can keep in contact with her.

Good luck!


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