I tried dating other girls to get her of my mind all the time

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You see, There is this girl I really like but I use to date her last summer and then we broke up, but now I am still madly in love with her, I don't know what to do because she likes other boys and I like her, I really want her back too , I tried dating other girls to get her of my mind all the time, but that didn't work eaither. I'm confused because I love her and she doesn't love me. Please Help me

Our Suggestion:
This is so common, and I feel for you. It's horrible to have feelings for someone who no longer feels the same way. Is there no way you could get back together? Could you ask her out somewhere as a friend and work things from that angle? If things are totally hopelessly gone, then you'll have to learn to deal with loving her, and at the same time find new people to love as well. You don't have to be only in love with one person at a time. And you can always treasure what you had together as a fantastic memory, and sooner or later you'll find you think about her less and you think more of whoever you're dating at the time.

I wish you luck!


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