Both on the Rebound, What Do We Do?

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Visitor's Question:
A guy from work asked me out and we started doing the usual coffee and dinner thing for a bit - and then one night we ended up kissing. Since then, he calls me up everynight and we have a lot of fun together. we've been doing this for a week and get along wonderfully.

he has recently broken up his ex, and she left him for her previous long term boyfriend. Now, the guy i am dating thinks that i am going to leave him too for my ex who i have broken up with recently as well. the new guy has had the proper 'talk' with me telling me how he likes me a lot and doesnt want to fool around with my feelings. he also said that we should take things slow and perhaps stop dating.

i really dont know what this means... is he breaking ties with me. or just telling me to be 'friend's' for a while??? should i contact him or wait for him to call me first??? i am starting to like him a lot and i want things to continue, but not quite sure what he really means.

i would so appreciate it, if you could give me some advice :)


Our Suggestion:
It sounds like you're both on the rebound which is really dangerous. You both should make sure you're thoroughly over your exs and are ready for something new. Trust is CRITICAL in any relationship and if you're both worried about past relationships, it's going to eat away at the relationship you are building with each other.

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